Welcome The German Agent To Visit Our Company

On November 15th,2019,Our company welcomed the first batch of customers in new year of 2018, German agent came to visit our company and study.

Our customer is very satisfied with quality and production controlling of our products, hoping to establish long-term strategic partnership and sign the agreement. German customer’s visit means that the YT brand will keep entry into the European market to further develop into a world-class pipe brand.

Cast iron pipe has many advantages in the concrete application of high-rise buildings. First of all, for the interface, its appearance is beautiful, and the corrosion resistance of the whole pipe is strong. As the material of the pipe is rubber sleeve, it can withstand large vibration. This kind of pipe is widely used in high-rise buildings, and its application effect is also very satisfactory. The biggest advantage of this kind of pipe is that for construction, the installation is very simple and the maintenance is very convenient. But it also has many disadvantages. For example, since the connection method of the pipe is the bolt extrusion method, the tightness of the connection method directly depends on the tightening degree of the bolt. During the actual investigation, it can be found that the bolts of the original water pipes are well fastened. However, when the pipeline is blocked, it may lead to looseness in the whole process due to disassembly and installation during maintenance. But it also has advantages that traditional pipes do not have. For example, this kind of pipe can be directly removed from the clamp and then repaired. However, as mentioned above, we must pay attention to the existence of deviation during installation. Only by paying attention to these details during installation can the service life and safety of the pipeline be guaranteed.


During this visit, our company’s staff guided the customer to see the factory, introducing the production processing, package, storage, and transportation of the products in details.In communication, Manager Bill said that 2020 will be the year when YT brand Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings can develop in a comprehensive way, and we will improve SML, KML, BML, TML and other kinds of products. Meanwhile, we will also continue expanding the production scale, recruiting agents, establishing long-term relationship, and aiming to become one of China’s well-known brands.

Post time: Jun-03-2019